Animal Nutrition and Health

Helping to raise healthy animals by providing our feed made entirely of a cultivated blend of algae suited to each particular animal.

At Ocean Harvest Technology’s core is the desire to provide a natural feed solution to a range of animal sectors around the world. We do this using a specific combination of science, technology and passion.

Ocean Harvest has fast established itself as a leader in its industry and through our constant research and development we have worked with a range of companies in various industries to develop healthier and natural products.

Our continued success and growth depends on the success of the algae industry as a whole which is why we make it our mission to make the highest quality natural products.

We are the first company to identify and apply the health and productivity benefits of a mixed and cultivated algae product to the animal feed industry. A series of patented feed formulas have been developed. These feeds replace chemical-based additives found in aquaculture and animal feed, with ingredients derived from bioactives present in a variety of microalgae.