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  • Ocean Harvest Technology Launches OceanFeed Swine™ in North America

    Innovative, First-to-Market Product Significantly Improves Animal Health, Creating Benefits Throughout the Food Chain; Independent Academic Study from Leading Animal Science Expert Dr. David Newman Confirms OceanFeed Swine™ Improves Gut Health and Immunity February 16, 2017 —Chicago, Illinois/Milltown, Ireland — Ocean Harvest Technology, a global company producing patent-protected animal feed solutions centered on the bioactive ingredients […]

  • Shore covered in Seaweed

    Tide must turn to use potential of seaweed

    An estimated 100,000 ton of seaweed washes up daily on the Irish coastline, but only a fraction of this resource is currently being exploited for its potential as a foodstuff, and the raw material for medical, cosmetic and other uses. Countries such as Norway, France and Spain are decades ahead of us when it comes […]

  • Shrimp fed on OceanFeed

    Aquaculture Breakthrough in Shrimp Farming

    The black tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon, is a marine crustacean widely reared for food in Asia and is often the one that ends up on your restaurant plate. At approximately 36 centimetres in length and weighing up to 650 grams this is the world’s largest species of prawn.P. monodon is also the most widely cultured prawn species […]

  • Seaweed Protein: Properties and Possibilities in Aquaculture

    Seaweed is a natural and sustainable ingredient with a lot of different functional biological properties, amongst them protein. Protein are biochemical compounds comprising one or more polypeptides typically folded into a globular or fibrous form that facilitate biological functions in the body. Although the structure and biological properties of seaweed proteins are still poorly documented, […]