Evergreen State College Research Project

Here at Ocean Harvest Technology, we are great believers in the importance of research and are always delighted when someone shows the passion to reach out to us. That is exactly what four students from Evergreen State College, Washington State have shown in approaching us for assistance with their research.

Logan Lamson, Justin Moore, Donald Terry and John Sheridan contacted us as students of the Advanced Marine Science Program at Evergreen State. Their research is titled:

The Role of Fish Meal Substitutes in Finding a Cost Effective Alternative to Conventional Chinook Salmon Hatchery Feed‘.

As part of the research OceanFeed Salmonids will be a part of one of four diets used to measure the effect on:

  • Growth Rates
  • Feed Conversation Ratio
  • Protein Efficiency Ratio

Two control diets will be place while the other two experimental diets will be on an organic fish meal free diet and our own algae based diet. The project is to span 8 weeks starting this month and ending at the end of May.

We are looking forward to sharing updates of this research with you as we get them in and best of luck to Logan, Justin, Donald and John.

Feeding Tanks
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