Through The Eyes of a Student

The value of having practical work experience on your CV at a young age is something we value here at Ocean Harvest Technology. We constantly take on students for work experience from both third level and second level institutions. The following post will give you a look into our business through the eyes of a student.

Karolina Zimkowska is Transition Year Student from Tuam, County Galway Ireland and recently came to us on work experience for a number of weeks. Below is her synopsis of her time with us:

Day 1

The beginning of the day was stressful, as it always is in a new place. I felt welcomed as I joined the crew for a morning cup of tea. To get to know the company a bit better I read a bit of background information about the different types of algae used in the manufacturing process and their commercial benefits. I had no idea that algae could be so beneficial to health. I would definitely buy products for human use and consumption that contain algae. I also got to see the inside of the lab and get an insight into what is done there. I found that really interesting as I love science. I am looking forward to the upcoming days and learning more the company.

Another Day at Ocean Harvest Technology

I started to get into the swing of the business. At the beginning of the day I was reading a thesis about lipid extraction from a sample of salmon, to get the knowledge that I later used to help to make such an extraction but from milk. Later I got to talk to Karin, a student from Holland who is doing her thesis through a project she is working for with Ocean Harvest Technology. I think it is great that she can work on a practical project for a business to implement as it helps the business and will hopefully help Karin in her own career.

Last Day

During my last day I got to work in the lab. I had to do an inventory of all the chemicals in all the cupboards and table tops. The knowledge of chemistry from school helped me a lot as I would not have had a clue what moles per gram were otherwise. I had to wear the lab coat (which was huge on me as they did not have any spare small ones), protective glasses and gloves. I think I would get used to that kind of work dress. After I finished my four page list of chemicals I had to do a spreadsheet on Excel, this time it took me a lot quicker than the first time. I am very happy with the overall time spent at Ocean Harvest Technology as it gave me a good insight on how the company operates and how to work in a lab. I am very grateful and thank all the team members.

Karolina was a great student to have here and we thoroughly enjoyed being able to show her the workings of a business. Hopefully we can continue to bring in students and help them in their careers while also building the positive perception of seaweed.



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