Tilapia Trials in Asia

Tilapia is the general name given to a group of cichlid fish and is a mainly freshwater fish that inhabits shallow water areas including lakes, rivers and streams.

Tilapia Diet

Tilapia Trials AsiaTilapia are primarily herbivores and consume aquatic vegetation such as phytoplankton. They however readily adapt to a diet containing pelleted feeds which contain plant and/or animal proteins and lipids. Ocean Harvest Technology are currently conducting trials in Asia using our OceanFeed range as a core component of the feeding process.

Economic Importance

Globally Tilapia are one of the most important group of farmed fish, currently ranking in the Top 10 in terms of tonnes produced per year. In 2011, global Tilapia production alone reached 3.58 million tonnes (FAO Globefish Quarterly Update August 2013).

China is by far the largest consumer and producer of tilapia, producing over 1 million tonnes in 2011. Tilapia are popular commercially due to their fast growth and tolerance to stocking density. They also show positive adaptability in their extensive farming in Asia.


Unlike carnivorous fish, tilapia can feed on algae and most plant based foods. Combined with the proven benefits of our feed supplements, we aim to show through extensive research that OceanFeed can reduce the cost of farming, avoid artificial components found in other feeds and overall enhance the well being and health of these farmed fish.

For more details on our trials and results, please contact us or visit the relevant product page on our website.

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